How Yoga Is Slowly Changing My Life!
A girl is doing a headstand on a bench near the water canal in Providence. 

It has been over four months since I really got into practicing yoga consistently. I feel like I am already seeing progress in some of my poses, which is so awesome. The other day, I did my right split! I have not tried it after I stopped dancing a few years ago, and I did not think I would be able to do it again. It is amazing how our muscles can stretch if we are consistently waking them up. Even though it has not been that long since I started my journey, I want to share with you the changes that I am already seeing after practicing yoga and meditation.

Yoga Has Made Me Aware of My Breath

Being more aware of my breath is the first positive change that I have noticed lately. It can be difficult to be in control of your breathing, which is the most natural way to calm yourself down. Think about a situation where you were stressed, frustrated, upset, or another feeling you can think of. Now, try to remember what your breathing was like when you were experiencing those difficult feelings. You probably can't even remember!

In stressful situations, our respiratory rate and heart rate increase. There can be negative complications if this happens regularly, and nothing is done to regulate it. I used to never think about my breathing when I was in stressful situations because I was simply unaware how much of a difference controlled, deep breathing can make in any situation.

Since in yoga every move is accompanied by either inhale or exhale, I feel like it is becoming more automatic for me to slow down my breathing. I started noticing that I randomly take deep breaths in and out, especially when I am getting overwhelmed. Last time I caught myself doing that, I was like, "Wow, this is pretty cool!"

Yoga Has Made Me More Confident

Another way that yoga is changing my life for the better is by increasing my confidence. I am not saying that I had low self-esteem when I began practicing yoga. However, everyone can be very judgemental regarding themselves, including me. I am a perfectionist, and when I cannot do something right, it makes me sad. I started yoga because I am obsessed with the idea of being able to be upside down in various beautiful poses, but I quickly learned how difficult it is to actually get to my goal. Yoga allowed me to notice my small progress in my practice, which makes me feel so proud of myself. Pride in my accomplishments brings confidence.

Yoga Has Made More Patient

The third way that it is changing my life is yoga is teaching me to be patient. Sometimes, I can be impatient, so it took some time for me to realize that I need to be patient if I want to achieve my goals in yoga. I did have a couple of times when I kind of gave up and stopped my practice. However, I kept coming back, and now I feel weird if I do not do yoga during the week. I feel amazing that my arms are stronger, and that I can do a freakin' side plank without feeling like my arm will break! LOL!

All of these things that I've learned so far about yoga and about myself are slowly transferring from the time on my mat to my life outside of my home. I am excited to see what other changes yoga will bring to my life!

Do you practice yoga? What is one question that you have about this practice? Share in the comments! :)

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