How to Transition from Winter to Spring!
A girl sitting on concrete steps, wearing a red chunky sweater, gray coat, gray pants, and black pumps.

Good morning, everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend! I spent the whole day shooting photos on Sunday for the upcoming yoga challenge that I will be participating in. You should totally follow me on Instagram if you want to come along on this yoga challenge! So in today's post, I will be sharing how I transition my outfits from winter into spring! 

Blogger posing by a wall, wearing a red H&M sweater, light gray coat, dark gray pants, black heels, and a silver bag.

I am so ready for spring! I cannot take multiple layers any longer! I need to wear cute dresses, skirts without tights, and open-toe heels. I am currently imagining the cute looks that I will be sharing with you when it finally becomes warm.... Ahhhh....

A girl looking to the side, wearing a Spring outfit: chunky red sweater, gray pants, gray coat, and silver bag.

So here is what I do to transition my wardrobe into a new season... I simply add a piece of clothing from the upcoming season (spring in our case). For instance, today, I added these gorgeous heels and these gray light pants to an otherwise winter outfit. It is still cold outside (yes, in March, ugh!), so I must wear something warm, such as this cute chunky sweater. It is okay to mix and match clothing pieces from two different seasons. In the summer, we might wear a cardigan if it is chilly at night, right? And that is exactly how we can transition our wardrobe from summer into fall. It's pretty easy, and you just have to have fun and trust your creativity! That is exactly how you figure out your own style. :)

Blogger walking by the gates of an outside restaurant, wearing dark pants, black pumps with fun design on them, red sweater, gray coat, and silver bag.
A girl standing by a concrete wall, wearing a transitional winter/spring outfit.

This red sweater is the warmest sweater that I own in my closet. Even though it looks like it has some ventilation, it still keeps the body heat from escaping. I love it! Here is how I styled it in a different look! It would also look super cute if you wear it with some playful skirt and ankle booties. So many different ways to style this sweater!

Fashion outfit inspiration on a blogger: red chunky sweater, skinny dark pants, black pumps, gray coat hanging off the shoulder, and silver bag.
Lifestyle blogger posing on a grass, wearing a chic outfit: skinny gray pants, red sweater, gray jacket, black heels with rainbows, and silver bag.

I am in love with these high-waisted gray pants! I have been wearing them non-stop lately (I promise I wash them regularly, LOL!). They are so comfortable, and they do not make my legs feel like they can't breathe! I hate skinny pants like that because it feels like my legs do not get circulation. These gray pants are the opposite of that. I bought them at Marshalls a few weeks ago! 

A close-up of an outfit: red loose sweater, gray baggy coat, dark gray skinny pants, silver purse, big black sunglasses.

These pumps are adorable, fun, and very comfortable! I can actually walk in them for quite a bit without the need to throw them back in my closet and never wear them again! Haha! I am going to link where you can buy these exact pumps below!

A girl wearing a comfy and chunky red sweater, gray jacket on top of the sweater, dark gray skinny pants, silver bag.

I also really like this gray coat because it is so versatile. I can create chic outfits like this one, as well as something sporty and comfy. I bought it at Banana Republic last year. It's funny because I never buy clothes at that store, but this jacket spoke to me! I have not regretted buying it. It is so comfortable and kind of baggy, which I love.

So what do you think of today's look? How do you transition your style between different seasons? Let me know in the comments. :)

P.S. You can find these exact heels here!