My Current Favourite Autumn Sweater!
A fashion blogger wearing an h&m red sweater in front of a brick wall

I have been living in comfy sweaters lately, and this is exactly why I love autumn! I just love oversized clothes. I started wearing Jude's sweatpants at home, even though they look super big on me. They are sooooo comfy though lol! The moral of the story is that this season is a perfect time to look and feel cozy af! So, in today's post, I am sharing my current favourite autumn sweater!

A blogger wearing a red cozy sweater, jeans, and black thigh high boots.

I saw this sweater at H&M about two months ago, and it cost $30 at that time. I walked away from buying it because I just didn't feel like spending that money on a sweater. I know, I am cheap when it comes to buying clothes. Not makeup though! Haha! Who else can relate? 

A girl sitting on stone steps, wearing a red oversized sweater and jeans.

I went to the same store a few weeks later. Jude and I found a bunch of nice pieces. When he was at the register, I decided to walk around and look for more stuff. And guess what, I found this sweater again, but this time it was only $15! Woot, woot! I grabbed it without thinking twice because I really regretted not buying it the first time!

A beauty blogger wearing a sweater with bell-shaped sleeves, jeans, and thigh high boots.

I love everything about this sweater, especially the way it feels on my skin. Has your mom, dad, grandma, or any other family member dress you in a super prickly sweater when you were little? OMG, my mom used to do that every winter. I hated those sweaters, and I still won't buy a sweater that does not feel soft when I put it on.

A close up of a fashion blogger wearing a cozy autumn sweater.

Now, can we talk about these bell-shaped sleeves? I am obsessed! I guess it is super trendy now to wear clothes with bell-shaped sleeves! Are you liking this trend?

Another important thing to mention is that this sweater is super warm! I am not sure if it is available in stores anymore, but it is available online at H&M's website. It costs $20 now! I will link it down below, and I will also link a few other cute sweaters, so check them out! :)

A blogger standing in the little street of Boston, wearing cozy red sweater, jeans, and thigh high boots.
Fall outfit inspiration : red oversized sweater, jeans, and black thigh high boots.
A blogger sitting on the street wearing a red h&m sweater, dark jeans, and thigh high boots.

What do you think of this look? Are you also into wearing comfy sweaters this fall? 

Find the sweater from this post HERE, or click on the picture below! :)