My New Obsession: Blush Crossbody Bag!
A blogger wearing an all-black outfit, posing by the ocean. 

Jude got me this beautiful Coach metal blush crossbody bag for Valentine's Day, and I really wanted to share it with you in today's post! It is a gorgeous colour to wear in the spring. The size is perfect to carry your phone, some makeup, and a wallet. It was pretty cold when we shot these photos, so of course, I had to wear a winter outfit. However, I love the way this cute bag added a springy vibe to this look. 

Details of the outfit: Coach crossbody bag, denim, black thigh high boots, and faux-fur coat.
Blogger posing by the beach, wearing a black faux-fur coat, denim, over-the-knee black boots, and a blush/pink crossbody bag.

The quality of this bag is amazing! There is a zipper so you can actually carry stuff inside of it, and not lose anything. There is also a small pocket-type of the opening in the front of the bag if you need to throw your lipstick or something small in there. The strap adjusts depending on how long you want it to be, which is usually the case in similar bags. Overall, I am loving this cute bag, and you will probably be seeing it a lot on my blog this spring. :)

Girl sitting on a bench, wearing black faux-fur coat, denim jeans, OTK boots, and a pink crossbody bag.
Blogger looking at the ocean, wearing black faux-fur coat, black OTK boots, jeans, and a pink Coach crossbody bag.
Outfit details: black faux fur coat, black shirt, jeans, OTK black boots, and Coach blush crossbody bag.
Fashion blogger looking in the camera, and wearing a black faxu fur coat.
Lifestyle blogger posing near the ocean, wearing a black faux-fur coat, jeans, over-the-knee black boots, black shirt with open shoulders, and a Coach blush crossbody bag.
Blogger smiling to the camera, wearing a black shirt with open shoulders, faux-fur coat.

What do you think of this bag and this outfit? Share in the comments!