Summer 2018 Trends: All-in-One Cute Top!
A girl is sitting on a bench in the park, wearing a yellow crop top, jeans, and denim slip ons.

Hello, hello, hello! Warm weather is finally here, and we can now all start wearing our cutest clothes that have been hidden away in our closets for months. Today, I want to share with you a couple of my recent purchases, which are this adorable yellow top and these denim shoes. 

Fashion blogger looking at the camera, wearing a yellow and white polka dots crop top, blue denim jeans, and a golden clutch.

I have been a fan of wearing mom jeans for a while now. The jeans from today's look are my favourite ones to wear with crop tops. I know that some people think this type of denim is not flattering, but I completely disagree. These jeans don't make my butt look like a freakin' pancake, but they actually create a nice shape. Yes, I did make Jude take a picture of my butt, so you can see what I am talking about. Haha! I love mom jeans because you can create so many gorgeous looks with them. It can be a relaxed look (mom jeans and a baggy shirt, etc.), a playful look (such as the one I am wearing today), a more romantic look (especially if you wear heels!), and a bunch of others. Just use your imagination, and your mom jeans will be your favourite item in the closet. 

A girl standing between blooming trees, wearing a yellow top, high waisted jeans, denim sip ons, and a gold clutch.
A side photo of an outfit: mom jeans, yellow top.
A blogger looking at the camera, wearing a yellow and white polka dot crop top, jeans, and a gold clutch.

Now let's talk about this crop top! I chose to buy it because, first of all, its colour is beautiful. Yellow is totally in right now! Polka dots are still trendy, so combining this yellow colour and white polka dots is a great match. I also love this cute knot at the front of the top. I have seen so many tops with this style in stores, so I am guessing it is also very trendy to have knots like this one on clothes.

Another thing that I love about this crop top is the material. It is so soft, and it feels amazing on my skin. Aaaand, it doesn't make me sweat like a piggy when it is super hot. Yas! I think that every girl should have such a cute top in her closet. You can pair it with jeans like I did, with a skirt, or shorts. I purchased a similar top but in white, and I cannot wait to share how I create a more fancy look with it.

I purchased this top at TJ Maxx, and I wasn't able to find it anywhere online, but I found several similar tops that you can find below.

A close-up photo of an outfit: yellow and white polka dot top with knot at the front, mom jeans, and a golden clutch.
A photo of a girl sniffing a flower.
Blogger sitting on the grass, wearing a yellow and white polka dot crop top, mom jeans, denim slip ons, and a golden clutch.

To be honest, I would probably not buy these denim slip-ons if I were shopping alone, but my mom decided that they would look nice on me. I tried them on, and fell in love. They are so comfortable, and breezy, which is important. I don't like wearing sneakers in the summer, especially when it is hot, but these denim shoes are very light, and they feel like slippers. Love them! I feel like they completed this look, and made it unique. These shoes are by Rocket Dog, and I bought them at TJ Maxx.

A girl sitting on the bench in the park, wearing a yellow crop top, blue jeans, and denim slips ons.

I also wanted to add a purse or a crossover bag, but I didn't have anything that would look good with this colour pattern. So I chose this gold clutch, and I think it made this look even more playful! What do you think about this addition to the look? 

Girl is sniffing flowers on a tree, wearing a cute yellow top.

Of course, I did some handstands (my current obsession) during this shoot. Lol! Yoga is life!

A girl doing a headstand near a tree. 
A photo from up top looking at a girl who is sitting on the grass. She is wearing a yellow crop top, jeans, denim slip ons, and a golden clutch that is laying on the grass.
A girl looking to her side, wearing a yellow top with white polka dots, jeans, and a golden clutch.

What do you think of this look? What is your favourite summer piece so far? Let me know in the comments. :)