How to Begin Practicing Yoga: My Story!
A blogger doing yoga - saddle pose.

If you are following me on Instagram, you probably have seen my Insta stories where I talk about yoga! I did a poll several days ago, asking my followers to tell me their thoughts on yoga. I found out that a big percentage of those who answered my polls were interested in doing yoga, but they had no idea where to start. So today, I figured I would share my own journey practicing yoga, and how I began!

I learned about yoga when I was studying at my undergrad university. I went with a friend to a yoga class, and at the time, I thought it was just too slow for me. You have to keep in mind that you must be really aware of all movements that you make in yoga, instead of moving fast and jerky like in some other fitness classes. I feel like I was so young and impatient at that time, which is why yoga was just too difficult for me. Also, I did not really believe in the power of deep breathing and meditation, so that was another barrier in my yoga journey. I don't exactly remember why I began liking yoga a few years later, but I do know that after each class, I felt so relaxed and proud of myself for taking care of my body.

One thing that really fucking sucks is that yoga classes are expensive! I mean $20 for a class is a lot! As a college student, I could not afford it, so I kind of stopped practicing yoga and signed up for a gym membership instead. I loved working out, and I loved my gains, but I learned that lifting weights is not enough for me!

Last year, I went to my first antigravity aerial yoga class! I shared my first impression of this class here, so check it out! Let me tell you... I fell in love with this practice. I always loved swings when I was a child, and being in a hammock while practicing yoga was amazing! However I could not afford the price of the classes again, which really sucks!

Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon a girl on Instagram who has awesome videos practicing yoga at home, and I became absolutely obsessed with her! The way she does handstands and shows her flexibility made me so nostalgic because I completely lost my flexibility after I stopped dancing. I also began thinking back to the yoga classes that I have taken over the past several years, and I decided that it was time for me to stop complaining about not being flexible, not working out, not taking care of myself enough, etc. Instead, I began my yoga practice all over again!

So, here is my main advice on how to start practicing yoga. Find a YouTuber/Yogi who you really like watching and listening to, and learn from them! We have so many opportunities to learn because we have this cool thing called the internet! Yes, yoga classes are expensive as fuck, but that should not stop you from pursuing it. It goes toward every other thing that you are interested in!

Do your research! Simple as that. I did not do it earlier because I had all the excuses in the world not to. Now that I know that I want to do yoga and be healthy, and want my body to look good and be strong, I will do whatever it takes to achieve those goals! And I won't pay for it, because I am a broke grad student! LOL! 

Below, I am sharing a Yogi (Adrienne) whom I really like! I am currently doing her 31 Days of Yoga, which is an amazing way for beginners to be introduced to this practice! She has a huge number of videos for both beginners and advanced practitioners of yoga. Check her out, and give it a try! If you are worried about not having yoga equipment, such as a mat, it is not a problem! You can use a towel or blanket! Adrienne talks about the things that you can use at home to help you during poses. She not only teaches oga, but also how to be aware of your body and mind, as well as how to breath to help you relax. Love her! 

Now, I want to share a few Instagram yogis that I have been following! Whenever I see their videos, I am so motivated to jump on the mat and practice.

Morgan @the_southern_yogi

She is amazing, and I love her videos. She also has an e-book available, where she teaches how you can develop a strong core with yoga. I told Jude to buy this book for me for Christmas! Lol!

Jessica @jessicaolie

She also has an e-book available, which would be my next purchase after Morgan's book. She is so graceful in her videos. You will totally get inspired by her!

Here is Kenzie @yogoskenz

She is a mommy of 3, and a self-taught yogi, who will bring so much inspiration into your life! The videos where she practices yoga with her kiddos are the best!

Phew... It's a long post, but I really wanted to share my journey with you, and introduce you to amazing yogis from whom you can learn! 

What are your thoughts on yoga? Have you tried it? How did you like it? If not, what is stopping you? Let's chat! :)