What to Wear When You're Standing in Front of Your Closet!
A blogger wearing a brown coat, dark blue jeans, light brown sweater, and light brown high heel boots.

I wish I were able to buy new clothes every month, so I could wear new outfits every day! Obviously, that would be a complete waste of money, because there is no way one can follow every trend each season. So, I learned how to create new looks using the same items, and adding new pieces to the look. Here is one example of how I styled one dress two ways! In today's post, I am mixing up a few main pieces, which are this camel sweater, dark blue jeans, and this brown coat! Now, check out two ways of how I styled these pieces!

Also, never get discouraged when you are standing in front of your closet, clueless about what to wear. This is what we, fashion bloggers, are here for - to inspire you! Sometimes, I have those days, too. I cannot figure out what to wear, and I go online to get some inspiration, or video call my mom, because she is really good at helping me pick out outfits! :)

A fashion blogger standing near a stone wall, wearing a brown autumn coat, brown boots, and a black bag.

I decided to add these light brown boots and a black bag to this chic look! I felt so stylish when I wore this look! I know there is a lot of matching colours going on, but this is why I am wearing dark jeans and the black bag. I am obsessed with this coat because it is so baggy, straight, and super comfy!

A blogger wearing an autumn outfit: brown coat, brown boots, and a black bag.
A blogger sitting on the grass, wearing dark jeans, brown sweater, boots, and a black bag.
A blogger sitting on the fountain, wearing a brown coat, boots, sweater, and black purse.
A fashion blogger walking away from a stoned wall, wearing high heeled brown boots, brown baggy coat, light brown sweater, and a black bag.
A blogger posing in front of a bridge, wearing a brown coat, high heeled boots, sweater, and a black purse.
A lifestyle blogger wearing a warm and cozy fall outfit.

The second look is a little different, because I decided to not wear any heels. Instead, I spiced it up with brighter colours. Maroon is an amazing colour to wear in the fall. To be honest, I did not think maroon pieces would look good with this copper sweater. However, when I put this look together, I was like DAMN, YAS! I also added this cute gray over-the-shoulder bag. It kind of matches the jeans, which I really like!

So the lesson from today's post is to not be afraid to match different colours. Even if you think that some of them might not match, give it a try anyway!

A blogger sittin on the side of the gazebo, wearing a brown coat, maroon boots, maroon scarf, and a gray purse.
A close-up of a blogger wearing a big maroon scarf and a brown sweater.
A blogger sitting on a bench, wearing a light brown sweater, maroon boots and scarf.
A blogger posing by the gazebo, wearing a warm autumn look.
A blogger posing near the park, wearing a brown sweater, jeans, maroon boots and scarf. 
A beauty blogger wearing a fall look: brown coat and sweater, maroon scarf, and gray purse.

So which look is your favourite, and why? :)

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