What to Wear to Work: Outfit Ideas!

Happy Monday! Today, I decided to share my ideas of what you can wear to work, and what pieces and colours to match together!

You should always have a blouse in your closet. The blouse that I am wearing is loose-fitting, which means that you can either tuck it in or not. You can wear it with black pants (colour may depend on your work etiquette) or a skirt! Two different styles right there! 

When it comes to pants, you must have black pants in the "work" part of your closet. Black goes with every other colour, which means you can create so many different work looks with these pants! You can wear a blouse, a top with a cardigan, a blazer... The options are unlimited!

It is also important to have nude heels! This colour also goes with anything that you will wear. Nude heels will help you create a business look in seconds! 

A work bag is another important piece of your wardrobe. It should be big enough for your laptop, notebooks, or whatever items you need for work. The black bag that I am wearing in this shoot is my favourite work bag. I love that it is black and has lots of space inside! When it comes to the colour of your bag, I would suggest getting a bag that would compliment your work looks. For example, if you get a yellow bag, it might not go with some other colours in your wardrobe. I mean, you can always have multiple work bags! Haha! But having a black, white, nude, or even silver bag is a must!

One rule that I always follow when I create my work looks is to only have two or three different colours in my looks! As you can tell from the photos, my main colours are black and nude. If you are having trouble with colour combinations, I found a whole page on Pinterest to help you with this dilemma! :)

So what do you usually wear to work? Share your ideas in the comments! 

I hope this post helps you create beautiful work outfits! I would love if you shared them with me as well! You can post your photos to Instagram and use the hashtag #lifeofardorwork so I can see them! :)

What I Am Wearing:
Blouse: Forever 21
Pants: Jennifer Lopez Collection
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Anne Klein