8 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Must Have!

I am pretty sure that every single girl has a problem of not finding what to wear every day no matter how many clothes she has. Am I right? Haha! Even though I struggle with this issue too sometimes, certain items in my wardrobe have become essential and irreplaceable! In my opinion, all of these clothes need to be present in every girl's wardrobe because they help create a variety of looks as well as cut down the time of standing in front of a closet and trying to decide what to wear!

1) Simple single-tone basic tops

These are the most important clothes in my closet! They can be simple t-shirts, turtlenecks, off-the-shoulder tops, tank tops, etc. BUT! They all need to be in one single tone, such as white, black or any other colour! For example, let's take a white t-shirt. You can wear it with jeans and sneakers and have a cool sporty look. You can also tuck it into a pop of colour skirt and wear heels, which can be a more stylish look. You can also tie it in the front and wear high-waisted pants and some cool wedges! There are so many possibilities when you have multiple single-tone tops. You can combine this simple item with pretty much anything!


2) A good pair of jeans

In my case, these are the black jeans that I wore in my previous post, straight blue jeans, and high-waisted mom jeans. These three pairs are my go-to jeans. I think that every girl must have a black pair of jeans! You can throw on absolutely any top and look amazing. You can wear heels and create a date or even business casual look, or put on sneakers and be a sporty chick. I know that some men are not fans of mom jeans because they apparently hide our figures, but I think such pairs of jeans look very cool on a girl.

Here's a quick tip of what jeans NOT to wear. First, stay away from low-waisted jeans that may expose your underwear. This is so not cute anymore. The era of Britney Spears wearing those hot low-rise jeans is definitely over! Instead, wear high-waisted jeans! They can accentuate curves, as well as make your legs appear longer!


3) A simple dress

This dress can be nude or black, or any colour of your liking. I am talking about a simple dress that does not have crazy ruffles or any other details that immediately draw attention. This is a type of dress that you can add colourful details to, such as earrings, a purse, shoes, a leather jacket, etc. It is a dress that does not require hours of thinking what to wear it with. I would actually recommend having at least two of these dresses. I am showing you one of my simple blue dresses that I can wear with wedges, heels, flats, or sneakers.


4) Sneakers or slips-ons

This one is a "duh" essential lol! I am sure we can all agree that sneakers are a must in any wardrobe! Now, it is very fashion-forward to wear such shoes with dresses or any super girlie outfits. Below, are two of my favourite pairs of sneakers/slip-ons. I also have another pair of white sneakers with thick midsoles, which I can wear with dresses.


5) A leather jacket

I love these so much that I have several faux leather jackets in different colours! They go with pretty much any look. You can throw one on top of a cute simple dress, or on top of a tank and jeans, etc! Check out this Pinterest page, where you can get inspiration on what to pair a leather jacket with!


6) A Trench coat

Leathe ackets are super cool, but you can't really wear them to a business dinner or any work-related event. If you want to look more elegant and professional, then you definitely need a trench coat in your wardrobe. Trench coats can also be combined with less business-like attire just like I did in the photo below. However, my main reason for having a trench coat is to pull it out of my closet when I want to achieve a more lady-like look.


7) Comfortable nude or black heels

I realized not too long ago that I am so over wearing very high heels. I have so many pairs of extremely high heels in my closet, but I don't wear them at all anymore! I love wearing heels, but let's be honest, it is an absolute pain to wear them for hours. This is why I choose to buy lower high heels, which still look good but are also comfortable. I think nude and black are the two colours that you definitely need in the heels part of your wardrobe. They will look good with any outfit, wether it is a beautiful pop of colour dress or a business casual outfit for work. I am still searching for black heels because the ones that I have are a bit too high for me now! I hope I don't sound like an old lady who can't handle heels anymore! Haha!


8) Black and light-coloured bags

Having at least two different bags is important! You should have a big black or nude bag that you can wear to work or anywhere else. You should also have a smaller light-coloured bag that would be perfect for summer and springs months.


What are your wardrobe essentials? Share with me in the comments! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! While picking out photos, I walked down a memory lane of different hair colours that I had in the past! Haha! Which look is your favourite? :)