New My Little Pony Makeup Collection You Will Love!

Do you ever tell yourself, "Okay, this is the last makeup palette (or lipstick, highlighter, etc.) I am buying this year"? That is exactly what I told myself when I purchased the Jaclyn Hill & Morphe Brushes Eyeshadows Palette! I was browsing the internet yesterday, and I found out that a My Little Pony: The Movie inspired makeup collection came out on August 10th. Suddenly, the promise that I made to myself and Jude disappeared into thin air! Lol!

Image: Bustle

Anyway... Let me show you what is included in this collection. I am sure if you ever watched My Little Pony movies, you will love this collection! My sister was literally obsessed with this show, so I had to memorize all the ponies' names. I can still sing the theme song! Haha!

So, the first product that I am so excited about is the eyeshadow palette. It includes 16 shades, and the price will be $29! Not too bad! This palette has very vibrant and colourful shades, which I am becoming very obsessed about. Can we also talk about the names of the shades? Kindness, Fluttershy, Generosity, Rarity, Applejack, Honesty, Laughter, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Magic, Rainbow Dash, Loyalty, Temptest Shadow, Songbird Serenade, Storm King, Princess Skystar- how cute are these?! Love!

Image: PopSugar

The next products are these gorgeous glow sticks, and of course, they also have adorable names. Blissful, Joyful, and Cheerful! Each one of these will cost $22! They are so beautiful!

Image: Bustle

I couldn't imagine a collection like this without glitter lip toppers! The collection will include 6 of them, which are named after 6 main ponies from the movie! Cuteness overload! They look absolutely stunning! The price will be $16 per lip gloss!

Image: Bustle

The last products in this collection will be a brush set, which will retail for $49! It will have 6 brushes and a cute sparkly pouch.

So girls and boys, set a date in your calendar because you know you want this alluring makeup collection! You can shop this collection at the Pur Cosmetics website! 

What is your first impression of this collection? Will you be buying any of these products? Let me know in the comments! :)