What Happens in Miami...

What Happens in Miami...

Let me start this post by just saying that I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MIAMI! Even though some of you may not share my opinion, that is completely okay. However, personally, as much as I love Boston, my eagerness to live in Miami becomes only stronger daily.

So… My hubby and I decided to go on our yearly Miami trip this summer. This year, we spent five days in the sunny state. On the trip’s agenda was drinking lots of yummy beverages, chilling by the beach, spending time in the pool, and taking many gorgeous pictures.

Although we did everything on this list, we also discovered a number of breakfast places, fancy restaurants, and nightlife spots to go to. I am not going to give a review for each of those, but there are two places which you absolutely must visit if you are ever in Miami Beach.

While walking through the outside mall on Lincoln Road, we stumbled upon a sushi restaurant called Sushi Samba, and decided that it was time to have lunch. This place is AMAZING! Not only because it looks great inside, but the service was fantastic. What impressed us the most was the fact that there were workers who picked up plates, workers who poured us water, and even workers who were in charge of filling the soy sauce! Like what!? The food was delicious, especially their freshly made sushi. Every dish is a Peruvian-Asian fusion, which is unique and unexpected. We would definitely go back there for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

The next night, we felt like the time to party had come, and we ended up going to Ocean's Ten on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. This outdoor restaurant/club was the most entertaining place we went to that week. When we arrived, a girls’ band was performing on the stage, which definitely brought our mood up to a whole new level.

After we looked at the menu, we realized that it would be a drinks only kind of night, because the food was soooooo expensive. However, after a few drinks, we did end up ordering lobster and some appetizers. I also took a picture with one of the girls in sexy lingerie, who were entertaining the public with their choreography at this place. I am not going to show you this picture, because, well, I look slightly intoxicated in it!

Anyway… This vacation was super fun. Miami is just one of those places where its laid back atmosphere makes you think about your life in a whole different way. Some people are born to live in huge cities, where everybody is always running somewhere. However, I am more of a relaxed type of person, and spending time at the beach while reading a book, not having to worry about snowstorms, and simply seeing palm trees outside of my window are definitely some things that I will look forward to in the future.

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