Family Time at Six Flags

Family Time at Six Flags

This weekend, my family and I, minus dad and husband, decided to take a trip to Six Flags New England. Even though it is only twenty minutes away from my parents’ house, the drive back home felt like hours, probably because we spent around seven hours at the park.

I have been to this park so many times in the past, since I grew up in Western Mass after moving to America, however, each time I come to Six Flags it still feels like my first time.

Last summer, I did not get a chance to visit this place, so today was very exciting, because I finally saw the new rides, which are called Wicked Cyclone and Skyscreamer. Even though I love thrill rides, there is no way anybody would ever make me go on Skyscreamer. This ride is the tallest one in the world! It lifts you up 400 feet in the air, and then swings you around really fast. I would probably have a heart attack if I were that high in the sky without a parachute. Although, if you think you can handle it, do it! It looks super fun!

My favorite ride is and always will be Batman. Not only does it make you feel like you are flying while being upside down, it also holds you in its place so tight and secure, you won’t ever be able to fall out of it. This is my biggest fear, by the way, when it comes to roller coasters.

Another amazing ride that I would recommend hopping on is Blizzard River. It is not in the water park, but you will get wet while sitting in a small round boat, flying down the stream, hitting the waves, and being struck by a waterfall. So entertaining!

Today was an amazing day. I am exhausted, I can’t feel my feet, but I am happy. I love spending time with my family. I wish they lived a little bit closer to Boston, so I wouldn’t have to spend two hours on the road in order to see them.

Anyway… I hope you enjoy my pictures, and if you are a thrill seeker, visiting Six Flags should definitely be on your bucket list.


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