The Town

The Town

After graduating last May, I have been a couch potato for the past two months. I felt like I needed time for myself to do absolutely nothing. I dedicated 6 years to being a full time student, and didn’t have much time to read a book for pleasure, or simply binge watch my favorite shows.

A few weeks ago, I realized that doing nothing during summertime was not a great idea, so Jude (my hubs) and I made a decision that every week, we would find time to explore Boston. 

Our first stop was Charlestown. A fun fact about this area is that a famous movie called The Town, starring Ben Affleck, Blake Lively and many other actors, was shot in Charlestown, which is why I named this post The Town. 

Anyway... As we were walking towards Bunker Hill Monument, we were amazed by this historic neighborhood in Boston. Narrow streets and old fashioned buildings would be great sites for photographers. If you are a photographer, and you need some inspiration, this is surely a place for you!

During our adventure, we passed by Boston Waterfront, and of course could not resist taking gorgeous pictures of the water and Charlestown’s scenery. We also ended up finding a cute, little restaurant near the water with a marvelous view of Boston. The name of the place is Pier 6.  It seemed as if we were on a boat while we were sitting on the roof deck, sipping on our delicious cocktails. If you are a seafood lover, this place will make your belly happy. 

If you, my lovely readers, are also looking for something to do in Boston that is free of charge, going for a walk in this beautiful city and exploring the unknown is definitely a fun activity that I urge you to do. What could be better than the smell of fresh air and great company of your close people, right? 

This was definitely an interesting evening, and I can’t wait to share our future adventures in Boston with you all. 

P.S.: If you know any other great places we could visit in Boston, let me know in the comments! :)

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