A Perfect Day Off

A Perfect Day Off

Do you ever plan something for the next day, but when it is time to do whatever you planned, it just doesn't happen? That is exactly what happened to me Friday morning. I had a plan to go workout at the gym, lift some weights, get rid of pizza, burger, and beer calories. But... when I woke up, I only had enough motivation to do squats, lunges, and a few other butt exercises at home. Your butt doesn't grow on its own, so do your squats! Haha!

It was the first Friday in the last three years when both Jude and I had a day off, so we decided to take the opportunity to do things that we both love. We ended up going to Boston's Esplanade, which is a perfect place to longboard, have a picnic, or just tan on the deck near the boats. We captured a few pictures of its beautiful view, of the Charles river, and of us goofing around on our boards. 

Later that day - after we went back home to freshen up and change into non-sporty outfits - we went to Revere Hotel Rooftop in Boston. After finding this place on Instagram, it was one of those venues that we wanted to attend this summer.  

This rooftop is on a 24 story building, and the view from the top was breathtaking. The first 10 minutes were spent taking pictures. I think everybody noticed that it was our first time there. Haha!

The area is full of comfortable couches and cool chairs, like the ones we ended up relaxing in after getting our Heinekens from the bar. It is a great place to hang out with your friends, listen to music, have a few drinks, and take a bunch of selfies! We will definitely go back to this cool lounge type of place before this summer ends, and you should too. Also, on the second floor of this building there is a lounge/dance club called Emerald. Check it out! 

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend just like us :) Thank you for vising my blog, and don't forget to subscribe!

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