Day at the Boston Library

Day at the Boston Library

It’s a shame to say that for the past 3 years of living in Boston, not once did I visit the Boston Public Library until just a few days ago. My husband and I finally decided to be productive on our day off, and we made a trip inside of this beautiful building. I can honestly say that I would definitely get lost in there if I didn’t have my personal navigator with me (my hubby)!

Its stunning architecture took my breath away, and of course it was time to take pictures while we searched for books to take home.

Even though we can now find any book online, I personally enjoy holding a book in my hands and turning the pages rather than staring at the screen of my tablet. I guess I am a little bit old fashioned when it comes to reading books.

I ended up choosing a book that teaches how to improve at writing. Since I began this blog, I became a little obsessed with all the rules that are involved in creative writing. One rule that I always keep in mind now after starting this book is that practice makes perfect. So, who knows, maybe I’ll write a book one day!

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