1 Simple Way to Keep the Spark Alive With Your S.O.!

1 Simple Way to Keep the Spark Alive With Your S.O.!
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I don't know about you, but I love talking about relationships! This is the main topic that my grad school friends and I discuss during our lunch break. We talk about our first girlfriends/boyfriends, best and worst dates, sex toys, and other super fun topics... Can you tell that we are in a couples counseling program yet? Haha! So today, I decided to write a post about how to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. I am only sharing one simple way to do it, even though there are so many other things that can be done as well. I might just write another post if at least some of you find this topic to be interesting, so let me know! 

The Honeymoon Period

A honeymoon period in a relationship is such a tricky thing because it eventually ends, leaving both partners feeling a bit confused and wondering what the hell happened to their passion. This is a super fun stage of a relationship where all you think about is your partner, all you want to do is hang out with him/her, and when you do hang out, you experience a real high! That happens because certain hormones, such as dopamine, are released in the brain, and you pretty much feel like you are on ecstasy whenever you see your SO.

This stage can last between 6 months and 2 years, but unfortunately, it does end. After that, it is up to you both to keep the excitement going! You might think that it is easier to just move on to another relationship, but that will only lead to a number of honeymoon periods and a bunch of broken hearts!

You can keep the spark going, trust me! It's just going to be a different type of spark. Not ecstasy-like, but an actual love spark, which is 100-fuckin-percent better!

So let's get to the main point of this post already...

One thing that the two of you should do is create new hobbies together, or simply include each other in your own hobbies! It is extremely important that you both find at least one thing that both of you love doing together! Together is the main word here! Even though having separate hobbies is also necessary, you absolutely need to be passionate about at least one thing TOGETHER! It can be working out, doing photoshoots, filming videos, or whatever you can think of. When the two of you share that special time together, it creates memories and routines that both of you look forward to! It is the time that is just for you two, and nothing else.

Jude and I have lots of separate hobbies. I have my blog, he is a pro wrestling fan, etc. We always manage to include each other in our hobbies though. For example, once in a while I watch wrestling with him. We get a bunch of junk food, beers, and enjoy talking shit about John Cena.

Jude also is a huge part of my blogging work, because he takes my photos. These are the things that we enjoy doing together. Recently, we found a new hobby, which is acro yoga! It is a couples yoga, and is super challenging! We just learned how to do throne and bird poses! Yay!

As I am writing this right now, I am thinking back to how much fun we had while trying to figure out how to do our poses together. We giggled while he almost dropped me a couple of times, but those moments were so fun! It was us focusing on US, and not other boring daily crap such as bills, housework, etc.

So spend time together... Giggle... Flirt...And just have fun with each other. Relationships are supposed to be fun and uplifting, and this is one of the ways that will help you with that!

What do you and your SO do to keep the spark going? Share in the comments! :)