Why I Freakin' Love Wearing a Turtleneck!
A girl wearing a blue turtleneck, denim winter jacket, and jeans.

Hello, everyone! Fashion post Monday is here! In today's post, I not only show you my new hairstyle, but also tell you why I absolutely love wearing a turtleneck during any time of the year!

Details of an outfit: blue turtleneck with black stripes, winter denim jacket, jeans.

First of all, what do y'all think of my new hair? I never had it this short before! I didn't even hesitate when I asked my mom to chop it off. I love this feeling of lightness that short hair gives me. My new, even shorter haircut really feels like I am being myself! It's interesting how changes like haircuts can really make a difference in how we feel about ourselves. 

A blogger posing near the ocean, wearing an all-denim outfit.

Now, let's talk about turtlenecks! This is such an amazing weather transition piece because you can wear it during any season. A cute crop-top turtleneck with shorts or a skirt would look amazing in the summer. I love wearing a turtleneck under a chunky cardigan in the winter. It looks elegant and very cozy. A turtleneck sweater can be worn over a pencil skirt during fall or spring. There are so many options regarding how and when to wear a turtleneck! If you think that you will be uncomfortable when wearing a high collar, you are completely mistaken. A turtleneck should not feel too tight, but instead, it has to have a feeling of a cozy and warm hug.

A blogger looking at the ocean, and wearing winter denim jacket, blue turtleneck, and jeans.

Today, I decided to tuck in my new favourite turtleneck (I purchased it at Marshall's last weekend!) into denim pants. I added these winter black booties and a warm denim jacket to complete the look. Being comfortable and stylish at the same time is super important to me, and a turtleneck is an amazing piece that gives me both of those things.

Outfit inspiration: blue turtleneck with black stripes, denim winter jacket, and express jeans.
A fashion blogger wearing an all denim outfit, and walking down the boardwalk near the ocean.
A blogger looking back at the camera, wearing expess jeans, winter denim jacket, and black high heel boots.

What are your thoughts about turtlenecks? How do you style them? Share in the comments! :)

Also, here are several turtlenecks that are currently under $50! You know you need one in your closet!