Here is Your Valentine's Day Inspiration: Nails!

Happy Monday, girls! We are only two days away from Valentine's Day! I know that a lot of people do not celebrate it, especially if they are single. Even if you do not have a significant other, I think that this holiday gives a perfect excuse to do something for yourself, such as to pamper yourself and look extra cute!

I am sure there are a bunch of blog posts about outfit ideas that you can find online, but many girls don't actually dress up on this day. I know for sure that I will be wearing a cute hoodie and sweatpants, even if Jude and I end up going to the movies to see Fifty Shades Freed. Lol! Seeing Fifty Shades has been our Valentine's Day tradition for the past two years. Jude absolutely hates this tradition, haha!

Pampering yourself on this day is a must! Take a bubble bath, light a candle, put on a face mask, or go get your nails done! I love painting my nails, and I don't usually go get them done at a salon. However, once in a while, I do like to be a little extra and get gel nails.

I think that having clean and healthy-looking nails is important for every girl. Every night, I put on nail oil around my cuticles, because they get so dry throughout the day, and just look gross. So having nice-looking nails doesn't mean that you need to spend hundreds of dollars every month. However, you can learn how to take care of them and paint them on your own! Pinterest is one of the best sources for education and inspiration for nail care.

I found several photos of beautiful nail art that will hopefully give you some inspiration to either paint your nails or get them done at a salon for Valentine's Day! I am definitely super motivated right now to soak my nails in warm water and then create a cute Valentine's Day look. I am going to share a photo of my Valentine's Day nails on my Instagram! :)

Red and white nails for Valentine's Day.
Beautiful nail art: dark red and nude with little hearts.
Black and nude nails, with one black heart on one nail. 
Beautiful blue nail polish, and heart rate design on nails.
Oval shaped nails, black, pink and white nails. 
Beautiful marble nail art design.
Red heart-shaped tips on the nails.
Pink nails with black polka dots on the nails.
Pink nails with glitter for Valentine's Day.
Pretty silver nail polish on the nails for Valentine's Day.

So what are you plans for Valentine's Day? Which one of these nail designs is your favourite?

Here are several cute nail polishes that would look perfect on Valentine's Day! :)