Saturday in Boston

Boston is one of the most beautiful cities, especially during the holiday season. Yesterday, I spent the whole day walking around Boston, enjoying delicious food and coffee. I hoped that the weather would be just as nice as it was last week, but unfortunately, it was chilly and windy, which is why a cup of Starbucks was a must. 

We took these pictures during our walk at Quincy Market. I was kind of surprised when I saw the Christmas tree being put up. I honestly didn't realize that we had so little time before Christmas. I am super excited now! I think I should start planning to get Christmas gifts for family and friends, because usually I do it like a week before the holiday. Procrastination at its best! Haha. 

Yesterday was a fun day. After I post this blog, I will probably go back to binge watching Kitchen Nightmares. I have been obsessed with this show for the past couple weeks! Haha. 

I would love know what you guys did this weekend. Did you do anything exciting, or did you spent time relaxing? :)