Ardor Eats: Fuji Restaurant (Somerville, MA)

Ardor Eats: Fuji Restaurant (Somerville, MA)

Last week, I took a trip to a restaurant at Assembly Row in Somerville, MA, called Fuji. From the second Jude and I stepped into the restaurant, the service was amazing. Friendly faces of the staff are exactly what you want to see when you are trying out a new place. Honestly, this is probably the first time I am saying this, but I loved our waitress. She was good at what she was doing, we had a few laughs, and most importantly, her makeup was on fleek! Haha! 

The menu was easy to read, despite having a wide selection of cocktails, wine, appetizers, entrees, sushi, etc. The best parts were the funny descriptions and little quirky notes between the dishes. Something about chasing the rabbit? Haha!

The entire restaurant was bright and airy. It had great modern design, but used earthy shades of brown and beige to make it feel welcoming. The parts that stood out were the sushi bar, the large pieces of artlike decoration on the wall, and a private room toward the back that was more intimate and could be used for private parties.

For a drink, I ordered a cocktail called Socially Awkward, and Jude got Tim, Ryan, and I. I know, those names are kind of weird, but the drinks were delicious. I don't know how Jude was able to finish his because it had LOTS of alcohol in it.

Since we agreed on trying new appetizers each time we go to a restaurant, we picked Hokkai Yaki, which consisted of spicy boiled scallops, mixed with kani karma, tobiko, and cucumber. This appetizer was heavenly! I wanted more after we finished it. 

Of course, we had to try their sushi, so we chose Boston Maki, which had grilled salmon and avocado, and Eel Bomb Maki, with freshwater eel, and unagi sauce. For our personal tastes, the sushi wasn't satisfying. It was really well made and fresh, but our taste buds weren't impressed, unfortunately. Perhaps a different choice next time would result in a more exciting sushi experience.

After we ate, we got two more cocktails, which were The Ghost From Somerville, and Whiskey Ginger 6.0: Fall Upgrade. My overall impression of this place was great. If you are ever in Boston, I would recommend you visit this place. :)