Quick Guide to Makeup Brushes

Quick Guide to Makeup Brushes

As I was washing my makeup brushes the other day, I thought to myself, Why not write a post about makeup brushes and their purposes? When I seriously began to be interested in makeup, which was about two years ago, I was so confused about all the brushes that exist. There are just so many of them, and it can be a little overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out your journey to the perfect makeup. 

Below, I made a list of basic brushes, which I think are important to know about. 

1) Foundation brush
I like to use this flat brush to apply foundation, and then I blend it out with a beauty blender, because it is a little hard to blend with this brush. So, if you don't want to use your hands, this brush is a great replacement. 

2) Concealer brush
This brush is used to apply a concealer, if you would like to cover up dark circles under your eyes, or any blemishes. 

3) Contour/bronzer brush
We contour the parts of our face that we want to be visibly make smaller. For example, if you wish to minimize your nose or forehead with the help of makeup, you can use this brush to apply cream or powder contour, and then also apply bronzer to darken your complexion with this angled brush.

4) Powder brush
This one is pretty straightforward. You apply powder with this brush. :)

5) Blush brush
To make your cheeks glow and stand out, you apply blush with a blush brush. Simple, right? :)

6) Eyeshadow brush
There are different eyeshadow brushes, but I like to use the one in this picture.

7) Eyeshadow blending brush
This is a great brush to blend eyeshadow on the crease of your lids. 


8) Fan brush
This brush can be used to apply highlight, which will help your cheeks glow even more. Also, you can use this brush to get rid of excess eyeshadow fallout. 

9) Eyeliner brushes
These are two examples of brushes that you can use to apply eyeliner. 

10) Beauty blender
I think this is a must-have for everyone who wants their makeup to look amazing. You use a damp beauty blender to blend foundation, concealer, and contour. It helps your skin look natural, and not cakey. 



I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I am planning to write more posts about makeup in the future, well... because I am obsessed with it. Even though I am still learning all the makeup tricks, I am excited to share what I have already learned! :)