Ardor Eats: Edamame (Watertown, MA)

Ardor Eats: Edamame (Watertown, MA)

Doesn't the name of this restaurant sound cool? Edamame... I expected this place to have great food and interesting decor, but when I walked in, I was a little disappointed. The interior design was boring and a bit old fashioned. 

This place reminded me of a Chinese buffet - not that I don't like buffets, but I think that a sushi restaurant should look a little more fancy. 

Jude and I started with Sapporo, while still looking at the menu. Such a delicious beer, but it was poured into the smallest beer glasses I have ever seen. Haha! We also decided to get the Love Platter, which included soup, salad, two makimono rolls, and lots of sashimi and nigiri pieces of the chef's choice. 

The miso soup was great! I don't think I've ever had a bad miso soup haha. Once we started eating our salads, we felt like Gordon Ramsay when he was tasting food in the restaurants he tried to save. "Why is there water in my salad? Did you JUST wash the f****** salad?" Oh I love this chef! Every time I go out to eat, I start inspecting my food just like he did in his show haha.

Anyway... Sashimi and sushi were prepared well, and tasted fresh. Honestly, it is not a bad restaurant. It is clean, and the service and food are good. It's a nice, casual place to get quality sushi. However, if you are planning to go to a fancy restaurant, you should probably skip Edamame. If you do go, pass on the salad, and drink Sapporo straight from the can.