Ardor Eats: Fin's Sushi & Grill

Jude and I love food, and we especially love sushi. We are always trying new restaurants, and sampling the most interesting dishes and drinks that Boston has to offer. I decided to start writing about our culinary adventures. I am really excited to share the best and worst every week!

We recently tried Fin's Sushi & Grill. They have several locations in Boston, and we chose their Boylston St spot, right on the corner of Boston Common.

When we walked into the restaurant, we were seated to one of the tables near the huge window with a nice view of Boston. The atmosphere at Fin's is very cozy with a very modern style. The lighting is perfect for intimate conversation, without being too dim. The blue backlighting behind the wall bench seat added to the modern lounge feel, and was a nice, interesting touch. The kitchen was on the far wall, with the dining area and takeout area separated nicely with a low wall. This clever partition was used not only in a functional way, but as an opportunity to have a curtain of modern silver tiles hang from the ceiling. The only thing we did not like about the interior were the two TV's on one wall. They seemed unnecessary and an afterthought.

For a beverage, we chose plum wine, a staple of modern Japanese restaurants. It was very strong and sweet, which made me super light-headed toward the end of our dinner, haha!

Jude and I love appetizers, and we usually get fried calamari. It's not unusual for our opinion of a restaurant to be completely based on how they make their calamari, because that's totally reasonable! :) This time, we passed on the calamari and decided to get white tuna carpaccio. We thought the fish was bland, but the sauce added a good amount of flavor, and the red onion and radish was a great touch. Overall, it was an okay dish, but I would probably try something else next time.

You can't go to a Japanese restaurant without getting sushi! We got one of Fin's special rolls, called Eastern Maki. It has tuna and salmon, rolled with fresh green and tobiko with spicy mayo. It was delicious! Salmon is my favourite, and I can eat it everyday. Both the salmon and tuna were very fresh and high quality. The mayo added a lot of spiciness, and because I am not a fan of spicy food, I was glad that the fresh cucumber helped to offset it really well.

Overall, the atmosphere was perfect, and the food and drink were good, too. If you find yourself in Boston and make it to the border of Boston Common and Chinatown, you should definitely visit this place. Unless you absolutely want cocktails, because Fin's only serves beer and wine!