I Asked My Husband What He Thought About My Style, and He Said...

I Asked My Husband What He Thought About My Style, and He Said...

Have you every wondered what your significant other thought about your fashion style?  Personally, I always assumed that Jude liked the way I dressed. I mean, if he didn't, I would hope he'd say something. Haha! However, yesterday, I decided to put this theory to the test, and asked him a few questions about my style. Also, I told him to pick out a head-to-toe outfit that would signify his idea of style that he would want me to wear more often. He picked out this black pencil skirt, burgundy open back crop top, and high heels. 


Q: Heels or Sneakers?

A: I prefer heels. Anyone can wear sneakers every day of the week, but it takes a real classy woman to know when to wear heels, and do it with confidence. (Yay, I would pick heels over sneakers any day of the week, too. Unfortunately, I am not like Kim Kardashian, and can't wear high heels literally everywhere).  

Q: If you could rid my closet of one trend, what would it be?

A: My clothes. (Haha oops I do have a tendency to wear Jude's clothes, and I don't think I will stop doing that) 

Q: If you were my stylist, what would my closet be full of?

A: Lots of pencil skirts and open back dresses. 

Q: What colours do you like or dislike?

A: I really like when you wear bright and bold colours, but I especially like when you wear black and white.  

Q: Glam or grunge?

A: You are definitely glam, but I think you would make grunge really sexy. 


It's good to know that he approves of my style. Now he just needs to take me shopping so I can get more pencil skirts and open back dresses. Haha :D 

Have you ever asked your significant other what they think of your style?

Thank you for reading my blog. Have an awesome day, everyone! 

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