Meet Mr. Booger

On this rainy Saturday, I am stuck home doing nothing, so I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to a very important member of our little family - our cat. Haha yes, his name is Booger. The reason why we named our son Booger is actually a funny story. When Jude and I started dating, we didn't really use  sweet normal names for each other like baby, sweetheart, etc. Instead, we called each other booger, and a bunch of other words that were mostly in Russian. So when we moved in together, and decided to have a kitty, we knew that he was destined to be a Booger. Haha. I wish we could adopt a second cat, but unfortunately, our child is so territorial that I am afraid he would torture a new kitten. I guess we are going to have to wait until we move to a new place. 

Well... I know everybody loves cute pictures of cats... So enjoy these images of our majestic Boo. :) 


Have an awesome day, everyone! :)