Beach Workout

Beach Workout

Living near the beach is obviously great. Unfortunately, the last time I spent time at Revere Beach was in June. Yesterday, on the way to the gym, I decided to have a nice quick workout near the water. In this post, I am sharing with you a few exercises that are great to do anywhere outside; just find a nice spot with a view and work on your body. :) 

1) Squats
I am sure all of you know this exercise and how to do it, but not everyone knows that squats target not only your leg muscles and glutes, but also your abs and lower back, which helps stabilize your trunk. If you do squats with dumbbells or barbell, then squats also target your arms and shoulders. Do these - they are very beneficial! 

2) Reverse lunges
This is another great glutes, quads and hamstrings exercise. You step backward, land on your foot, and bend your knees. Make sure that your front knee is behind your toes. This is very important in order to avoid knee injuries. I tried avoiding this exercise before, but honestly, if you want to build your gluteus maximus, you MUST do this exercise often. 

3) Cross lunges
This is another variation of lunges. Whenever you need to change up your routine, this can be a great addition to your workouts. It is performed the same way as reverse lunges, except you cross your right leg over your left leg, and lunge to your left side. Then, repeat with your other leg! 

4) Plie squats
Your toes should be facing outward. You need to slowly bend the knees and lower your legs. This is a great exercise for your inner thighs and butt. 

5) Push ups
I decided to do push ups off this wall because I didn't just want to work on my lower body. Push ups are amazing for increasing your upper body strength while exercising the chest, ands and lower back. 

6) Tricep dips
Do this exercise to improve the shape of your triceps. When you are lowering yourself, be sure to form a 90-degree angle, and squeeze your triceps. 

7) Kick backs
This is one of the best butt exercises, and it is easy to perform. Of course, your leg does not have to go that high. As long as you can feel your glutes squeezing, you are doing it correctly.  

Have an amazing work out, everyone! :) 

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