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Trip to Martha's Vineyard

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Hey guys :) 
Today, I wanted to write a quick post about my adventure to Martha's Vineyard. Jude and I planned to visit this place a few weeks ago, but it finally happened last Sunday. 

Last week, the weather was kind of nice and warm, so we were excited to spend our day off outside exploring the island. However, I guess, New England's weather did not like our plan and decided to be gloomy and send some rain our way. 

Anyway... We were so eager to go on a boat and get away from Boston. We definitely needed some time off from its busy atmosphere. Martha's Vineyard is a perfect place for that. 

When we arrived at our destination, we tried finding a place to buy bus tickets, because you do need a means of transportation in order to travel around the island. We walked in circles until we finally found this place. Unfortunately, T-Mobile did not provide us with good phone service while we were there, so we had to use a paper map, which was funny. Haha! 

This island is not for people who love to be loud; it is more for laid back people who love to enjoy their drinks while sitting on the patio of one of the restaurants and watching the sunset. That is exactly what we did the last few hours of our stay there. We found a little place near the water. We sat on the patio while it was raining. At that moment, there was nothing better than enjoying a delicious drink, the company of my husband, a great conversation, and a perfect view. It was a day well spent. :) 

Have you ever been to Martha's Vineyard? What is your impression of this place? 

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