How to Get Motivated to Work out

How to Get Motivated to Work out

This week, I spent some time thinking about my fitness goals that had never been accomplished due to a lack of motivation. It has been over a year since I started my fitness journey. I did work out before then, but all I did was cardio, because, well, that's what girls are "supposed to do" at the gym. Jude and I signed up for a gym membership and that's how we became addicted to fitness life.

There were times when there was some kind of barrier between the road towards my perfect body and me. I am sure this happens to a lot of people. Perhaps, some of you do not see any results after spending hours at the gym and give up. Others, just like me, simply lose their motivation. Even though sometimes motivation slips through my fingers, I always find a way to get it back. 

In this post, I want to share a list of ideas of how to become motivated to get back on your fitness journey. 

1) Be around people who motivate you.
Last weekend, some of my friends and I reunited after not seeing each other for a couple of months. One of my best friends shared her goal of competing in a bikini competition next year. It reminded me that I also had that same goal last year, but I never succeeded. She gave me so much motivation to become consistent when it comes to fitness, and I am very happy to say that last week, I did not miss a single day at the gym. I am very proud of myself. 
So... Hang around people who will motivate you to become better at whatever you are doing, fitness or any other goal that you may have. 

2) Find your fitness idol and follow them on social media.
This may sound weird, but whenever I see pictures of my fitness idols, I get so much motivation to get up and go to the gym and not be a lazy person. We already spend so much time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Why not use social media to motivate yourself?

3) Get new fitness gear.
I am sure every girl knows the feeling of putting on new clothes and that extra confidence just flows through her. Even though we are sweaty - and maybe a little smelly - when we work out, it does not mean that we should not look good. Personally, after I buy new fitness gear, I always end up being very motivated to work out. 

4) Tell everybody about your fitness goals.
The reason why it is a great idea to share your goals with others is that people will be asking you about it in the future, and the best way to prove to everybody that you can achieve those goals is by sticking to it, working hard, and not giving up. Don't let people think that you are not a woman/man of your word. They will hold you accountable without even realizing it.

5) Push lazy thoughts away.
Sometimes, I wake up and try to find reasons why I should not get up from my bed and go to the gym. The reasons can be as dumb as "the weather is bad". You have to remember that you are the one in control of your thoughts and actions, not the other way around!

6) Self-motivation is the key.
Be your own motivation! If you see any results, be proud. You are on the right path towards your perfect body. Keep in mind what you are trying to achieve, and don't stop until you get there! As long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Well, these are the things that encourage me to keep going when it comes to fitness. I would love to hear what are the ways that you become motivated to work out, so please leave a comment! :)

Thank you for reading my blog! Have an awesome and productive day! 

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