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This week has been very busy. Jude was stuck at work every single day, which sucks. I finally started my new job, which I am very happy about. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time for fun activities. Well, we visited Ikea and bought a few things for home, and yesterday we went to the movies and saw Trainwreck, which was hilarious! So, that was kind of fun. Next week, however, Jude and I have awesome plans for our day off; I cannot wait to tell you guys about how our adventure goes. 
In this post, you will find a list of my favorite bloggers that I discovered after starting my own blog. Check them out! :)

1) Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup
This is one of my favorite bloggers in this community. I check her blog every single day. She is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle/hair blogger. She is probably the best at creating different kinds of braids. I actually learned how to do a dutch braid from one of her videos. I also love looking through pictures of adventures with her husband, her cute son, and their dog. Those pictures are the cutest!

2) The Vivaluxury by Annabelle Fleur
If you are ever stuck staring at your closet and struggling with what to wear for your date, a special occasion, or a day off, this is definitely one of the best places to check for great ideas. She is amazing at creating beautiful outfits for every day. 

3) Hapa Time by Jessica
This is another fashion blogger who is worth following. Her simple yet elegant outfits will make you go shopping right there and then. She is very good at picking out perfect accessories for each outfit she wears. 

4) Glam Rezy by Amra
This blogger is one of the best makeup artists in the world. I learned about so many tricks and great makeup products from her. Amra's style is always on point too! Although now she doesn't do posts anymore due to redesigning her blog, she does post a lot on her Instagram account. Oh, and I am in love with her highlighting skills! I wish my cheeks looked so great after I do my makeup. Haha!

5) A Girl, Obsessed by Mandy
Here, you will find a variety of posts on fashion, beauty products, and most importantly on blogging. She gives a lot of tips on how to become a better blogger. I learned so much from reading her posts. Every single day, you will find a new post from Mandy, which is awesome! 

I visit these blogs everyday, except Glam Rezy's, but I do check her Instagram daily. If you are looking to find new inspiration for fashion and makeup, or trying to improve your blog, or simply wanting to look at beautiful lifestyle pictures, these blogs are ones of the best! 

I hope you guys have an awesome day! Thank you for visiting my blog :)  

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