When is a Matching Outfit Too Matchy?
A romantic photo of a blogger. She is wearing a cozy autumn sweater.

As I was putting together this look, I kept asking myself if it was a little too matchy-matchy. Then, I remembered a photo of Jennifer Lopez wearing an all-bright pink outfit. She was wearing a pink top and the same colour capris with nude pumps. She looked so amazing! 

No, this look is not too matchy-matchy! I wonder who came up with this rule that wearing the same colour in one look can be unfashionable. I feel like there are too many rules in fashion, as well as in makeup. "You can't wear this, you can't wear that..." If you can rock an all-pink outfit, then go for it! Don't let others stop you! Be like Jennifer Lopez! Haha!

A girl sitting on a rock, wearing a cozy woven sweater, olive colour jeggings, and white sneakers.

Even though the two pieces in today's look are very similar in colour - olive and khaki - they still look perfect as a combination. I was contemplating wearing boots with this outfit, but I think that these white sneakers really complemented the cozy autumn feel.

Now let me tell you again about my obsession with cozy and oversized sweaters! I have written about my love for fall sweaters in this post! Check it out if you need a tip on how to save on sweaters this season! I wear comfy sweaters almost every single day. I just like feeling comfortable in the autumn. This sweater creates this cocoon feeling, and I just don't want to get out of it. 

Details of a fall outfit: woven olive sweater and olive jeggings.

I found this sweater and jeggings when I visited Femme Boutique Boston. I fell in love with how loose-fitting it was, and how nice it felt on my skin. I hate prickly sweaters, and this one was the opposite. I didn't even need to wear a tank top under this sweater. I imagined burying myself in it while sitting next to the fireplace with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. What a perfect image, right? :)

Also, let's not forget about how unique the details are on the back of this sweater! Love it!

Woven sweater with strappy detail in the back, and olive jeggings.

These moto jeggings also caught my eye while I was at the store. They are stretchy, which kind of made me feel like I wasn't actually wearing any pants! Haha! I love clothes like these. They not only look nice, but also feel incredible. These bottoms come in five different colours: khaki, olive, burgundy, black, and pink.

I will leave the links below for you to check out these pieces! Femme Boutique Boston have other amazing clothing as well. :)

A fashion blogger sitting on a big rock wearing an autumn cozy outfit.

What's your favourite piece of clothing to wear this fall? :)

What I am wearing:
Sweater: Femme Boutique Boston
Jeggings: Femme Boutique Boston
Sneakers: Steve Madden



This blog post was made in collaboration with Femme Boutique Boston, who provided items for review.