3 Terrific Reasons to Have Mom Jeans in Your Closet!

Mom jeans are one of my favourite styles to wear during summer, fall, and spring! I never usually wear them in the winter, because I would just ruin the cool look of these jeans by pairing them with winter boots and a winter coat. Lol! I've heard different opinions about these jeans. Some say they are unflattering, and hide our feminine figure. Others, like me, love the looks that can be created with this type of denim! In today's post, I am sharing my three reasons to having these jeans in your closet!

A blogger sitting in the park, wearing blue mom jeans, white tank top, black duster, and white sneakers.

1) Mom jeans are extremely comfortable!

I love that they are loose and super comfortable! I don't know about you, but I get tired of wearing skinny jeans. If I wear tight jeans all day, my legs become cramped. Taking off skinny jeans in the evening is one of the best feelings. It's kind of similar to taking off a bra haha! Some say that mom jeans are not sexy. I guess it all depends on how you style them! I feel like heels can fix any "unsexy" look, and make it flirty and feminine! Check out how I styled these same mom jeans with heels here, and tell me if you don't think I look kind of sexy. Lol! 

A fashion blogger wearing a white tank top with lace, blue mom jeans, and a black duster.

2) It accentuates your waist!

Mom jeans are the perfect denim for tucking in your top and creating an illusion of a thinner waist. I mean it doesn't have to be an illusion lol! But in my case, I definitely need high-waisted jeans after all that pizza I ate yesterday at my sister's birthday party! Mom jeans also make you look like you have wider hips because they are slightly loose in that area. 

3) You can pair them with anything!

Seriously, you can create so many amazing looks with mom jeans. You can rock your favourite summer tank top in the fall if you tuck it into mom jeans and throw a cardigan on top! I shot the look that I am wearing a couple of weeks ago, and it was already getting cold. I wanted to wear this tank, and voila! With the help of mom jeans, I did! You can also wear a cute crop top, or a crop top sweater with these jeans. In the autumn, you can wear these jeans, a light top, a faux leather jacket, and some cool booties! You can also pair these jeans with ankle boots, a comfy turtleneck, a coat or faux fur vest on top, and a comfy hat. So many options!!

Street style: mom jeans, white sneakers, white top, and duster.  
Fall outfit: white top, black duster, and mom jeans.
A blogger leaning on a bench, wearing a white tank, mom jeans, black duster.

Please do not listen to those who keep hatin' on mom jeans! Style them, and show them off with pride! :)

What is your favourite way to style mom jeans in the fall? Please share in the comments! :)