Oversized Sweater Trend: How to Save Money!

Hey, you! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! If you clicked on this post, I assume that are also into wearing oversized sweaters! This trend is huge right now. I feel like everyone is wearing these types of sweaters this fall. I mean, big and comfy sweaters were always in, but this autumn, they are taking over!

I love sweaters like the one I am wearing in today's post. I wore it off the shoulder because I wanted a romantic and less sporty look. I rolled my sleeves a little because I thought the white material complimented gray and black really well! It also just brings a cozy feel to the whole look. 

Another way to wear oversized sweaters like this one is to add a belt or a corset! I love the way Carli Bybel styles her long sweaters with a corset; it looks very feminine and sexy. BTW, if you haven't heard about her new clothing line with Misguided coming out this week, you need to hurry up and choose the pieces that you want. When I watched her YouTube video of the collection reveal, I fell in love with so many pieces. There will be a gorgeous corset in this collection, and it would look amazing when worn with an oversized sweater! 

I am going to share a little secret with you all. The sweater that I am wearing in these photos is my husband's! LOL! I feel like lately, I have been wearing his sweaters more often than my own. I just don't want to spend money on more sweaters, so I would rather wear his. This is actually my tip to you on how to save money on these sweaters! Even if you don't have a significant other, check out your dad's closet; maybe he has some cool stuff that you can borrow. :)

Do you also love to borrow sweaters from your BF's or GF's closet? How do you style your oversized sweaters?

P.S. I get that not all of you will be able to find a sweater to wear in your SO's closet, so I found a few sweaters on sale! I added a few men's sweaters that would look super cute on a girl. Check them out below! :)