I Want to Know How YOU Shop!

I Want to Know How YOU Shop!

Hey guys! Today is the last post from the series of seven daily posts that I have been doing for the past week. It was an awesome challenge to come up with a content for the whole week, and I can say that it definitely has given me more motivation than I've ever had before. 

As a blogger, I always have to think about where to get my inspiration for my looks from - and more importantly - where to go shopping for these looks. Today, I want to hear from all of you where you like to go shopping!

I love to buy new things from a couple stores that I love, and pair them with the things that I already have, or things that I take from my mom's closet haha. I love to steal her clothes! It's definitely beneficial to be the same size as my mom.

I personally love to shop at Forever 21. I rarely order things online from their site, because I love going into an actual store. I love going through different aisles, and putting together looks that I feature on my blog. I also love Zara. It is a more expensive store, but the things that they have are amazing!

Now, it is your turn to tell me where you shop. Please click on the poll below to let me know what your favourite way of shopping is. Also, I would love for you to leave a comment where you tell us your favourite store, brand, any trends of clothing that you love right now. As much as I love sharing things with you guys, I really do want to know more about you! :)

What's your favourite way to shop? *

Thank you again! I can't wait to read your comments!