How to Create a Crown Braid

Hi again everyone! This is post #6 out of my 7 daily posts this week!

In today's post, I will teach you how to get this cute summer hairstyle. You will need bobby pins, hair elastics, and hairspray. So... Let's get started!

1) Separate your hair into two sections.

2) Start braiding both sides of your hair, and tie the end of the braid with elastic.

3) Slightly pull the braid apart to make it bigger.

4) Spray the braids.

5) Create your crown with the two braids, and secure it with pins.

6) You can remove or leave the elastics; it is completely up to you! Just make sure that you can't see the elastics if you decide to keep them in your hair.

7) Tug little bits of your hair so it isn't too tight, and gives you a little messy look.

8) Hairspray.

Tada!!! Isn't it the easiest hairstyle you've ever done? It only takes a few minutes to create it! You can put any accessories you like in it, like the pins that I used. :) I hope you guys enjoyed this short hair tutorial! What are you favourite summer hairstyles?