Everyone Needs a Little Black Dress!

Good morning, guys! I wanted to say a quick hello, and share these photos that Jude and I took a few weeks ago. We stumbled upon this cute garden in Glouster, MA, and decided to shoot this look there. I think it is a perfect location for such a romantic look.

I love black dresses, or black anything. I found this little dress in my mom's closet, and she was kind enough to let me steal it. Haha! It's awesome that I don't even need to go shopping because I can just find something cute in my her closet. :)

Anyway.. I hope you have a great start to your week! Enjoy your 4th of July! See you in my next post! :)

PS: I searched for black dress online, and found these three that I absolutely love!
Check them out! Mwah. :)
0ff-the-Shoulder Midi Dress
Glitter-Knit Bodycon Dress
Tube Dress