Beauty Talk: What is Colour Correction?

I am sure you have seen colourful concealers at any makeup store, and at some point wondered what those are and how to use colour correction. There are so many different types and shades of concealers available now. When I first saw orange and green concealers, I had no idea what to do with them. For the longest time, I completely ignored those palettes. 

About a year ago, I watched a YouTube video of a makeup artist who was explaining how to use these colour correcting palettes. After that, I finally began experimenting with colour correction.

I am going to show you what palette I currently use, but first, let me explain what colour correction is all about! :)

Every now and then, we all wake up feeling and looking like blah, and those are the days when we need to use some shades from colour correcting palettes to cover up redness, blemishes, zits, and dark circles. The main purpose of these concealers is to help us correct imperfections.

So let's start with the basics of colour correction. Have you heard about colour wheels? There are multiple colours in this wheel. The colour that sits directly across from another colour, cancels it out. 

For example, to cancel out redness such as acne, we use green concealer.

Yellow concealer neutralizes blue and purple tones, such as bruises, veins, or undereye circles.

Purple concealer helps to cover up dull yellow undertones.

Orange concealer cancels out dark spots and discolouration. This concealer is perfect for darker skin. For those of you with lighter skin, I would recommend using salmon or peach concealer to hide dark spots.

I hope this makes a better sense now. First, figure out what shade you want to neutralize. Then, look at the wheel and pick a colour directly across from the shade you aim to cancel out. These concealers really do work! You just have to find the product that works best for your skin. 

Currently, the only colour correcting concealer I use is a peach shade by NYX. Whenever I wake up feeling tired, my dark circles appear. That is when I use this product to cover them up.

I first apply moisturizer. Then, I apply this peach shade under my eyes, and blend it in with my fingers. Do not put too much, because it can look cakey.

Then, I either apply foundation on top or a lighter concealer depending how bad my dark circles are that day.

I also used to use green concealer from this palette to cancel out redness around my nose, but I haven't had that problem in a while. Phew. 

I definitely see the difference between the undereye that is colour corrected (1st photo below) and the one that has no product. 

What do you think about these concealers? Do you use any of them? Let me know in comments! :)