ToSave Online Store: Review!

Hey, everyone! :) How is your week going? I am so glad to be done with classes. I feel so free haha! So, today, I am going to share my opinion about an online store called ToSave! I am always skeptical about buying from stores that have cheap clothing, so I was definitely interested in reviewing this one. I received the items that I am sharing in this post for free from this store. However, my opinions about the items are my own! I would hate to recommend you something that I personally do not like! <3

So let's get started!

The first item is this dress ($7.94), size small.
I was very surprised when I opened the package because the dress that I received looks exactly like the dress from the store's photo. WOW! The material feels very nice on the skin. It is a stretchy dress, which I like. It is a little baggy on the top and comes with a small belt that ties around your waist. This is perfect if you are like me and want to hide that small beer belly. LOL There were a few threads hanging out that I cut off, but other than that, the quality is pretty good. I love the length of this dress. It creates a sudden romantic yet sophisticated vibe. Overall, I really like this dress, and I will definitely wear it in the summer. 

The next item is this casual tank top with lace ($3.42), size small.
Even though the design of the top looks just like the one in the website's photo, the one that I received is completely see-through. I did not expect that to be honest, but I decided to make it work. I wore a black lace bra under the top, and I think that it looks great with the top. All of the lace details are intact and actually look very pretty. I am not a fan of this top, and if I knew that it would be this transparent, I probably would not have chosen it, or I would have chosen a black one!

The last things on my list are these ten chokers ($3.07). So cheap!
I love, love, love these accessories! They look nice; that is all I have to say! This online store has a bunch of other chokers available, and I am definitely thinking about getting more.

I also want to mention that the shipping is kind of a long process. I received these items almost a month after they provided me with a tracking number. So if you do order from this store, be patient!

They also have another website that sells hair extensions: I do not have any products from that store, so I cannot recommend it one way or another. Check it out for yourself, and do your research before buying anything! :)

So the verdict is that I like the items that I received. They are inexpensive, but the quality is still good! If you do plan on buying clothes from this store, definitely spend some time measuring yourself. It is a little scary to order clothes online when they do not have the American size system, so take your time getting the measurements. The size that I chose was accurate, so phew!

All right, this is it for today! Let me know if you ever ordered from and your thoughts on these items! Have an awesome day!