4 Easy Ways to Look Elegant and Fashionable on a Budget!

4 Easy Ways to Look Elegant and Fashionable on a Budget!
A fashion blogger looking to the side and posing on the street of Newburyport.

Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing Monday! I had a day off because it was Presidents' Day, but I still got a lot of things done! Woho! I love feeling productive! Anyway, in today's post, I want to share some of my tips on how to look elegant and fashionable if you do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on clothes!

I have been in school for the past eight years, so you can imagine that spending money on clothes was probably the last on my list of priorities. You might say, "But you are a fashion blogger, obviously, you need new clothes to create your content." You are totally right! However, I learned a few tips and tricks on how to create content and not be in debt because of spending all my money on clothes.

A girl posing next to a brick building, wearing an elegant winter outfit.

So here are my tips!

1) Learn how to mix and match your clothes! 

Being able to create different outfits from the same pieces in your closet is a talent. Lol! It took me a while to learn how to do it. I got my inspiration from other fashion bloggers and Pinterest. If I find an outfit that I really like, I go to my closet and find similar items. Then, I kind of create my own look. You just have to experiment and have fun with it! Also, check out this post where I share how to colour-coordinate your outfits! Super helpful!

2) Buy a few staple pieces for your closet!

Please read this post where I shared eight wardrobe essentials that you must have in your closet! When you have these pieces, it will be so much easier to mix and match to create new outfit combinations! Even if you buy a couple of new clothes, you will be able to mix and match them with your staple pieces!

3) Shop at thrift shops!

There is nothing embarrassing about that! I used to feel weird about buying clothes at thrift shops, but I still go to Goodwill once in a while, and I find amazing clothes! Let me tell you a secret... The coat in these photos is actually from Goodwill! It looks fuckin' amazing, right? Would you ever guess that it is a thrift shop purchase? Also, if you worry about what your friends will say if they find out that you wear thrift shop clothes, then either do not tell them where you got your outfit or reconsider being friends with judgemental people.

4) Sell your old clothes, and then buy new ones!

You can use Amazon, Facebook marketplace, Poshmark, and eBay to sell the clothes that you do not want, and buy something new! I have been using Poshmark in the past few months, and I sold a few items already! It's such a good place to get rid of clothes, but also buy new ones for affordable prices! Check out my Poshmark closet here! :)

A girl looking into the camera, wearing a maroon colour dress, brown high heel boots, and a gray slimming coat.

These are the things that I have been doing for the past several years, and especially after I started blogging. There is no way to afford all new and trendy clothes and be able to buy other important stuff, like food. If you look at my posts, I use some of the same pieces, but I style them differently, and I love doing that!

A blogger posing next to a red brick building, wearing a gray coat, light brown boots, and maroon colour dress.
A close-up of a fashion blogger posing in Newburyport.

I hope you learned something new, and I hope you are inspired to play with the clothes you already have in your closet! If you have any other tips on how to look elegant and fashionable on a low budget, please leave a comment! :)

A girl walking down the street of Newburyport, wearing a gray coat, red dress, and light brown boots.
A girl is wearing an elegant and fashionable outfit: beautiful gray coat with faux fur, red dress, light brown boots.
A close-up of light brown/gray high heeled boots.

Also, I found a few similar items to the clothes that I am wearing in today's post! They are under $50, except the coats because it's super difficult to find cheap coats online!