How to Colour Coordinate Your Outfits!

Do you ever struggle to combine different coloured pieces in your closet? Yes, I used to have the same problem until I began learning what colours go together and what colours don't! I also used to buy clothes without even thinking if I had any items in my closet that would look great with that new purchase. So I ended up having a rainbow of colours that were either too matchy-matchy, or did not look good together at all! I wish this fashion/style thing was not as complicated. Why can't all colours just look good together? Why can't we just wear however we want things? I mean we can do that, but then it would not look so pretty. Haha!

So before I show you what colours look good together, let me give you a few of my top tips!

1) Black goes with everything! This is the colour that you do not have to worry about. I mean, it looks amazing with any other colour! 

2) It is okay to have multiple bright colours in the outfit! But again, it depends on which colours compliment each other. For example, red and blue... These two colours can serve as a pop of colour in your outfit, but it is also okay to wear those at the same time. I would recommend to not wear any other bright colour with these two. Instead, you could wear either white or nude!

3) You can definitely wear an all blue (or any one colour) look! However, my personal rule is to not be all matchy, and instead, play a game of tones! If you wear a bright pink top, wear a lighter pink bottom. So there should be multiple tones of the same colour in your look instead of having one hot pink look. I feel like only Jennifer Lopez can pull that off! Lol!

So in today's look, I am wearing two colours that are complimentary, and two that are tonal! Gray and red compliment each other, and the silver bag is a different tone of gray. I hope that makes sense! I love when I see gray and red combined in one look. It is such a gorgeous combination of colours.

In this post, I am also including this colour combination guide that you can easily print, and keep for reference. Whenever you plan your outfits, just check back to this guide, and it should be super easy to coordinate colours! 

A Pair & Spare

Please share any of your own tips and tricks about colour coordination! What do you think of my look as well as the guide that I am sharing with you today? :)

What I am wearing:
Dress: One Market
Heels: Charlotte Russe
Bag: (Does not have a tag), but I bought it at TJ Maxx


Red Heels:
Silver Dresses:
Silver/Metallic Bags: