Fenty Beauty Makeup Line by Rihanna!

What's up, everyone! As you may know, I usually publish blog posts on Fridays, but I wanted to make this post available today, because of the exciting news that I am going to share with you! Rihanna opened her own Fenty makeup beauty line! Yesssss!

Anyway... Her beauty website  launchined last night (9/8)! We now know that there are 40 different shades of foundation, conceal and contour sticks, highlighters, brushes, glosses and blotting paper. I mean, everything you need in your makeup collection is now available for purchase at her website! What I love about this beauty line is the inclusion for all tones, which is freaking amazing, right?! The highlighters are out of this world, too! 

I have been a huge fan of Rihanna since the beginning of her singing career! That girl is just amazing. Her songs are awesome and she is a total queen of fashion. I hope you have seen the numerous times when she rocked her makeup. It is always so unique and perfect, and I only wish my makeup would look like hers!

The design of the products is absolutely gorgeous as well! I mean I didn't expect anything less from Rihanna! So get your money ready, because you know that you need this collection in your life!

Are you excited for this collection? Share your thoughts on the products! Also, comment if you are planning on spending some money on them! LOL! :)