Write Your Dreams in a GoCustomized Personalized Notebook!

Many people depend more and more on technology lately. Everyone is constantly on their cell-phones. Even when I see people on a date in a restaurant, they are usually on their phones. Like do they text each other during the date, or what? Lol! I am guilty of that, too, though. Whenever Jude and I are on a date, we try to put our phones away and instead spend time talking to each other.

It is just so crazy that we cannot live without technology anymore. Many even use apps to run their lives! I can honestly say that I would probably go insane without my phone, but I still consider myself a person who loves to write on actual paper. It is definitely very convenient to have a calendar and set reminders on my phone, but I don't use it as much as I use a planner or a notebook. I am a visual learner, and a calendar on my phone is just too small and artificial for my visual needs. 

Every year, I buy a new planner and a bunch of notebooks for school. I love that there is a huge variety of planners at stores like Target. They have countless designs and sizes, which is awesome! What I don't like is that notebook designs are so boring! Yes, they come in different colours, but I love my things to be different from everyone else's!

Do you remember my post about a customized phone case? Well, the same company also customizes not only phones and tablets, but also notebooks and a bunch of other cool stuff! Since I just began my last year of grad school, I decided that having a notebook that is completely different from anyone at my school would be a cool thing to do! Most of them use their laptops to keep track of school assignments anyway, but I am old-school and love writing notes in a notebook. 

So let me explain why I chose this particular photo on my notebook. I hope you noticed that my website's logo is a palm tree! That is because I freakin' love palm trees! Jude and I travel to Miami every summer just to spend some time in that chill atmosphere and be around those palm trees.

I think that the photo turned out amazing on my notebook! It actually looks and feels very nice and not cheap at all! The price to customize a notebook is only $19.99. It may be a little pricey for a notebook, but the quality is great, and you get to carry around a photo of your favourite pet, or your wedding, or another important event!

The steps to design your notebook are perfectly clear and super easy! You just upload your chosen photo onto GoCustomized webiste and check what it will look like on the notebook. Then, you add it to the cart, pay, and that is it! In just a few steps, you get a custom notebook that your classmates, coworkers will always be wondering about!

Funny fact of this photoshoot: as Jude was taking photos of me on the bench, I was actually writing down my blogging and YouTube to-do list for the whole week! Lol! I've been carrying this notebook in my bag every day, and it's so convenient to just take it out and jot down ideas for blog posts and videos. Love, love, love it!

What do you think of customizing a notebook? Have you done it before? Also, I am thinking about writing more posts about school, how I stay organized, how I take notes, etc. Would you guys be interested in posts like these? Let me know in the comments! :)