Wash Your Stress Away with These Bath Bombs!

Wash Your Stress Away with These Bath Bombs!

What do you do to relax after a long day at work? A drink? A nap? Maybe a bath bomb? It is so important to have some time to de-stress, and relax your mind and body! I think we sometimes get so caught up in our work and to-do lists that we forget to take care of ourselves.

I remember a time when I would come home from work and just dive into homework or things I had to do around the house. It sucked! I felt like I was a walking zombie. After educating myself on how important self-care is, I began taking time to do the activities that help me have a healthy body and mind!

My go-to things are binge-watching TV shows on my comfy couch or simply taking a hot bath! When it comes to taking a bath, I love doing so with bubbles or bath bombs. There isn't much more relaxing than watching a bath bomb disburse in the water, creating a beautiful scent and colour.

I especially love when bath bombs have little gifts in them, such as rings. Jude had gotten me several bombs for my birthday this year, and I am pretty sure that I used all of them already. So... I need to get more! Today, I decided to look for the coolest looking bath bombs that are available online, and here are a few that I loved! My favourite is definitely the Hello Kitty one! Super cute!

1) Hello Kitty Bath Bomb + Candle

Which one of these is your favourite? Don't forget to share your best self-care activities in the comments! :)