Is it Really That Important to Stretch Before Your Workout?

Is it Really That Important to Stretch Before Your Workout?

Let's start from the beginning... Around two years ago, Jude and I decided to get a gym membership because we wanted to look our best for our wedding. We signed up at Planet Fitness, and quickly became so obsessed with working out that even when we did not have time to do so during the day, we would wake up at 4 am and go to the gym. Such dedication, right haha? Since then, we have made so much progress, but I graduated college last year, and Jude got promoted at his job, so we stopped being consistent gym visitors. 

I, honestly, miss having bigger quads and biceps and a bigger booty. I miss the feeling of being physically strong. So, last week, I finally started working out again after a month of not going to the gym at all. I, like a rookie, did not stretch enough before my first workout, and decided to lift heavy weights right away. I know, I know, it was a stupid mistake. So now, a few days later, my calves are in so much pain that I have to walk like an old lady in order to avoid the pain. 

I wanted to write a quick post for those of you who are going back to the gym after a long break, or who are just starting out. STRETCHING IS SO IMPORTANT! I know it might seem silly to stretch at the gym so you can always do it at home. Do not be like me, and do not only spend three minutes on this very important thing. I know you may feel ready for the workout, but trust me, your muscles need some time to prepare for that work. Here are the things that stretching helps you with before your workout: 

1) It prepares your body to burn more energy

2) Stretching will prepare your muscles for a workout

3) It will increase your flexibility and help you achieve full range of motion

4) It will increase the delivery of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to your muscles, which is good for you

5) And the most important one, stretching reduces risk of injury!

There are a lot of types of stretches you can do. You can find great examples of stretches here 
and here!

I hope you guys found this post helpful! Thanks for stopping by, and I will see you in my next post! :)
P.S. here are a few quotes that I found so motivational!