What to Wear on a Rainy Day (No, NOT a Raincoat!)

I've been wanting to create a very soft and romantic look for a while now, but anytime I go shopping, I end up getting things that are not really romantic haha. Today, I am showing you a very casual yet fashionable look. Can I just say that I LOVE heels! They bring any look to a whole new level. 

Last week, it rained every single day in Boston. So, since it was pretty cold and gross outside, I wanted to create a look that wouldn't be defined by weather; meaning I didn't want to just wear rain boots, or over-sized sweater, etc. Nothing wrong with those things, but I missed wearing heels and fitted clothes. I think that turtlenecks are really good if you want to show off your figure, and I feel like they make any body look slimmer. What do you guys think of turtlenecks? What do you enjoy wearing during gloomy days? Let me know in comments. :)

Here is a short quote of the day:
" Life is too short to wear boring clothes!" (I totally agree haha) :)

White Turtleneck: similar here
Jeans: Newchic
Heels: Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses and earrings: Charlotte Russe