Want to Learn Makeup Tricks? This Post is for You!

Want to Learn Makeup Tricks? This Post is for You!

A few years ago, I became seriously obsessed with the art of makeup. Before then, I only knew how to put some eye-shadow on my lids, and top it all off with mascara. I did not use any other products - well, maybe a blush every now and then. 

The inspiration to learn about makeup came to me from my mom. She went to a cosmetology school, where she mostly focused on hair, but also learned some makeup tricks. She would practice those methods on me, which was super fun! I honestly do not remember how, but I stumbled upon my favourite makeup artist on YouTube, and I learned everything I know about makeup now from her!  

In this particular post, I will not be teaching you how to do your makeup. I am planning to work on such posts in the future though! I am sharing a list of a few YouTube makeup artists that are absolutely amazing at what they do on their channels. It is one thing to look at makeup photos, and try recreate the look. However, it is a completely different thing when you watch a person do their makeup, and talk you through every little detail. This is exactly how I learned how to contour, how to bake, how to use concealer, what a highlight is, etc. 

Below, you will find a short list of makeup artists and their YouTube channels that I love very much! They are very talented, and I am sure that if you watch their tutorials you will become amazing at doing your own makeup!

Who are your favourite YouTube makeup and beauty artists? Share them in the comments. It would be amazing to find new makeup and beauty gurus with your help! :)

1) Carli Bybel