How I Got my Blogging Groove Back

How I Got my Blogging Groove Back

Every blogger has a stage of their blogging career when they absolutely have no inspiration to create new and exciting content. A couple of weeks ago, I hit a crazy writer's block. I could not come up with any good ideas for my future posts. I also lost motivation, and felt uninspired to do anything for my blog. 

It happens often to bloggers, and it is just a period of time when they need to figure out what went wrong, and how to fix it. I started looking for motivation by searching for podcasts about blogging. I haven't had much time to read books about it, but listening to a podcast while driving to work was a perfect idea. 

That is when I stumbled upon a podcast called ProBlogger by Darren Rowse. It was the day when he published a podcast about 7 days to getting your blogging groove back. I was excited to listen to it, thinking that it would be just tips that he, as a blogger himself, used in the past. 

What it actually ended up being was a 7 day challenge for bloggers who lacked motivation to improve their blogs. Darren explained that for the next 7 days, he encouraged people to listen to his podcast, and participate in daily challenges. The challenges were to publish daily content for 7 days on any topic, and share it with the Facebook group that he had created. However, the main challenge was that Darren chose the types of posts that needed to be written. 

After listening to that episode, I was instantaneously inspired and excited to work on my blog. I could not wait for the next day to listen to the podcast! I participated the whole week. If you are one of my readers, you must have noticed that two weeks ago, I was publishing content every single day for 7 days. 

The main realization that I got out of this challenge is that I CAN find time for my blog, and I can create great and interesting content. Before that, I found myself struggling to publish more than once a week, and here I was doing it daily. Yes, it was very time consuming, but at the end, I could not have been more proud of myself for not quitting this challenge. I feel like I am at a much better place right now when it comes to my blog. Every day, I find time to write, come up with ideas, and be creative!

Not only did this challenge bring back my blogging groove, it also attracted more readers to my blog, which is amazing! After I finished the challenge, I decided to publish posts three times a week. So far, I have been doing just that, and am not planning to stop! :)

For those of you who are in a similar situation, I definitely encourage you to check out this podcast. Darren also has a blog, which includes thousands of very informative posts on blogging. I haven't checked it out yet, because all I have been doing was listening to his old and current episodes on ProBlogger.  I believe that you can find his podcast on ITunes, and also on Google Play.

Give this challenge a try, if you are really struggling with finding ideas for your content! I guarantee that you will have an amazing time working on it! 

I hope this post was useful to you! I would love to know how you stay on top of creating new content and not getting bored with your blog. Let me know in the comments! :)