The Question Everyone Asks Me

The Question Everyone Asks Me

This week, I am doing a special event, where I am posting every day! This is post #3! Check back tomorrow for a new one!

In today's post, I am answering one of the most frequent questions that I get asked in the comments and emails from my readers. A lot of you want to know how I balance my life and still manage a website.

For the past year, I have been working full time as a behavioral therapist, and a part time blogger. I do consider blogging to be my second job now, because it has grown from a hobby into a real job that brings so much excitement into my life. The first six months or so, I was really struggling to find time to write posts and get photos done. The most important thing that I have done in order to improve this situation was to figure out my priorities. I used to spend so much time on my phone looking through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with no purpose. I used to be a couch potato who could watch multiple seasons of shows in only a week. I realized that that was not the best way I could spend my time, even though it was so awesome just to relax after a whole day of work. My priorities right now are my family, my job, and my blog. 

In order for me to stay on top of all the things I need to do for my blog, I bought a planner where I write down blog post ideas, the times and days when I need to work on a post or have a photoshoot, or do some promotion. Every Sunday, I make a plan for the week. I like my posts to be written days before they have to be published, but sometimes that doesn't work that way. A great thing to do is to set deadlines when you need your posts to be written by. This has definitely helped me so much. I hate missing deadlines, so even if I have to write a post the day before it needs to be published, I will do it anyway. 

So yeah... The number one thing that helps me balance my life and my blog is setting priorities. If you are struggling to find this balance, it is very important to first figure out what things are very important to you. If blogging is one of those things, then I am sure that no matter what, you will find even 30 minutes of your day to work on it. 

I would also love to know how those of you who are bloggers keep your life and blog balanced. Also, for those of you who are not bloggers, do you have any suggestions that would help others and me have a balance between our personal lives and jobs? I can't wait to read your comments! :)