I Tried HelloFresh!

I Tried HelloFresh!

Back in June, when Jude and I were vacationing in Miami, we were approached by one of those people who try to promote or advertise their product. Usually, we would politely decline the offer and walk away, but this time we decided to stop. We were offered to sign up for HelloFresh. For those of you who are not familiar with this company, it provides its customers with fresh ingredients that are delivered to your door, and all you need to do is just follow the recipe to make the meals.

We decided to sign up because we figured that we would not want to go grocery shopping after coming back from vacation, and delivery to our door sounded very appealing. The first thing that we had to do was to choose three recipes from a list that was available for that week. Every week, the recipes change, so if you do end up using HelloFresh, you would have an opportunity to eat various dishes. We chose Pan-Seared Chicken, Seared Steak & Nectarine Salad, and Pork Chops. Then, we picked a delivery date that was convenient for us, paid, and that was it. For the first box, everybody gets a discount, and we ended up paying $44 for three meals that would have portions for two people. I believe that after your first box, the price is around $60. I think it is a pretty good deal! Now, they offer $40 off your first box, which is awesome. Just CLICK HERE!

Anyway... We received a huge box that was full of fresh ingredients, from which we needed to cook our three dishes. We also received a booklet that included three recipes with instructions and pictures. I love recipes with pictures, and it was definitely so helpful that this booklet had them, too!

Overall, I love HelloFresh. Yes, it is convenient that they do the shopping for you, and send everything right to your door. I do not want to go to the grocery store just to buy an ounce of some obscure spice for just one recipe.

The ingredients are so fresh and so good. They source them from small farmers, suppliers, etc. all over America. It may be less expensive going to a large grocery store, but I believe it to be worth it to get great gourmet ingredients from HelloFresh.

The recipes are very easy to follow, and you do no have to be a trained chef to make great meals. Jude and I both took turns making these meals, and we both loved it. You can go online and get a new recipe everyday from some website, or you can have new, curated recipes to choose from... and not have to go to the grocery to get an ounce of that obscure spice!

Keep in mind that HelloFresh will send you a box with automatically chosen recipes unless you pick them yourself every week. Be aware of this, because we weren't!

What do you think? Have you guys tried any services like this? Remember, if you want to try HelloFresh, just CLICK HERE for $40 off!