Sundays are for Road Trips

Yay to another Monday!

How was your weekend? Jude and I went on a mini road trip yesterday. First, we went to Newburyport, MA, and walked around the waterfront. It was such beautiful weather, and it was perfect for spending time outside. After we had lunch, we decided to drive to Providence, RI. We went to the same place where we got engaged. It was so nice being back there, and reliving the memories of our special day. If you want to see some pictures that we took yesterday, head over to my Instagram. I'll be posting more photos this week, since we took so many. :)

Today, I also want to share this look with you. Didn't I tell you that you would be seeing a lot of photos of these boots this season haha? Well, here you go, another post where I wear them.

I love this comfy sweater dress. I saw it at Forever 21, and instantly thought it would be a good piece to have this fall. Of course, I had to wear these knee-high boots! I feel like all fashion bloggers have at least one blog post wearing similar boots haha. Nothing wrong with that though! This is my favourite fall look that I created for the blog so far. It is so girly and romantic, and it is perfect for any occasion! What do you think of it? Are you also a fan of knee-high or thigh-high boots? :)

Dress: Forever 21
Boots:  Call It Spring (ON SALE NOW)
Bag: TJ Maxx