Pros and Cons of Living in a Big City (Boston!)

Pros and Cons of Living in a Big City (Boston!)

Almost five years ago, I moved to Boston to go to school. I never thought that I would actually stay and live here after graduation. I lived in a dorm room, which kind of sucked because 1) I missed my family too much, 2) my apartment was in a basement, and 3) I did not have a lot in common with some of my roommates.

I lived in this apartment for two years! During the second year of my undergrad career, Jude and I decided to move in together. I wish I could explain in words how annoying the apartment search was! We literally saw the worst apartments in Boston. That is when we decided to begin looking for a place just outside of Boston, and luckily we found a cute affordable place that was perfect for us!

So this is another way to be able to afford to live in a big city! Look for a place to live outside of the city, somewhere not too far!

This brings me to the first con of living in a big city: it is expensive as hell! Even to live in a small one bedroom apartment, you will need at least $2000 if you want a nice place. A good way to afford this kind of living is to get roommates so all of you can split the cost of living!

One of the most important pros of living Boston has been the city itself! There is always something to do - such as paint nights, free yoga in the park, bachata classes, clubbing, beautiful restaurants, etc. You will never be bored if you live in a big city. And, if you are a blogger or photographer, the number of places you can go to take photos are limitless!

Another advantage of living in a city like Boston is the number of career opportunities! Downtown Boston consists of countless office buildings and a variety of businesses. This is one of the reasons why I stayed in Boston after graduation. I know that my chances of getting a job are better here in a big city.

The next one may be a pro or a con, depending on your personal preference. I am talking about a fast-paced lifestyle. Everyone is always on the run. The trains and roads are always packed, especially during rush hour. People are never stopping in Boston. After living in such an environment for 5 years, I am personally not a fan of always being on the go. I love a more relaxed atmosphere because being in a rush and having 100 things on my daily to-do list brings me a lot of stress.

One more benefit of living in a big city is that you do not need a car! Seriously, there are trains all over the city. I remember how scared I was to be left alone on the train when I first moved to Boston. I was afraid that I would get lost because the map and everything that had to do with the T (our subway system) confused the crap out of me. I am good now, even though I refuse to take the Green Line on the train because I still find it confusing. Haha!

Speaking about driving... It is hell to drive in the city, especially when everyone is leaving work, which is another con. People will cut you off without warning, flip you off after they cut you off (LOL), some don't even pay attention when they merge... You have to be a very patient person to drive in a big city. I try to avoid driving in Boston as much as I can. 

The last and the most important positive thing about living in a big city is being exposed to diversity! I grew up in a small town, where diversity was almost non-existent. I think that it affects people negatively when they have no exposure to individuals from other backgrounds. One of the first reactions when meeting diverse populations can be fear, which can, in turn, create negative associations with these populations. I am very happy that I live in a big city, and that I get to become more aware of how diverse this world is every day. Instead of fearing others, I am now curious about others' cultures. I feel like living in a big city, and also going to school here, helped me open my mind to the idea that we all don't have to look and sound the same! Diversity is beautiful and should not be feared! :) 

This is all I have for pros and cons of living in a big city! Where do you live, a big city or a small town? If you live in a big city, share your opinions of advantages and disadvantages! If you live in a small town, what are your thoughts about moving to a bigger city? Don't be afraid to share! I love having conversations with all of you!

Thank you for stopping by, and I will see you in my next post! :)